Photo © J.F. Fortchantre

The company


Created in 1937 by professionals, the Company of the Experts in Jewels, Jewellery, Goldsmith and the watchmaking, gather working or retired (honorary members) men and women, in the various branches of our professions.

The retail trade of the finest jewellery, the jewellery, the trade of second-hand jewellery, the auction jewellery sales, the goldsmith, the watchmaking and the trade of stones and pearls are represented by experts in our Company.

The purpose of the company is :

  • To make its members share data bases for their future missions.
  • To work with the judges and lawyers for a better presentation of the expert's report.
  • To inform its members on the evolution of techniques, the creation and the commercial practices.
  • To ensure a user-friendliness and to share each others' experiences
  • To contribute to the continuing education of its members by proposing activities and by informing them continuously.

Oath taken by the Expert at a solemn sitting of the Court of Appeal :

I swear :

  • to assist justice,
  • to achieve my mission,
  • to submit my report,
  • to deliver my opinion, in my honour and my conscience.

It is normal to choose those who have both the knowledge and the experience. The law defines and protects the title of registered experts on the list of jurisdiction. The legal expert is held to respect very strict rules of procedure during the course of his operations. Otherwise his report is inadmissible.

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“By my photo, the Vandôme place, become, through the use of a “Fisheye” lens which bend the perspectives, the symbol of the watch face. The shadow of the Vendôme column become an hand. This hand being the result of a shadow, this watch become also a sundial. Everything is wrapped up.”

Jean François Fortchantre